Poczta Kwiatowa® the best with giving flowers and at the same time spreading joy, love and gratitude. With them even acknowledgements can have an even more unique and beautiful expression. The prepared compositions conceal not only elegance, but also class, which will emphasize even the smallest "thank you".

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Applause bouquet

There are situations when ordinary applause is not enough. Great success, be it business or private, requires proper appreciation . It does not matter if you are at the end of the world or in the same city - our online flowers service was created to ma...
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Thank you for being

Czasem trzeba powiedzieć spontaniczne "Dziękuję, że jesteś". Jest to prezent, który Twoja Ukochana z pewnością doceni! Która kobieta nie lubi dostawać bukietu róż z rozpływającymi się w ustach czekoladkami? My takiej nie znamy! :) Dziękuję że jesteś t...
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Smile bouquet

How to give joy to important people? Just smile towards loved ones! Greet them with a beautiful bouquet full of rose charm combined with the positive energy of yellow gerbera and the fragrance of the Asian lily. Let the red roses warm up their hearts a...
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Sunny flowers

Zamawiając kwiaty przez Internet zaoszczędzisz czas i w komfortowych warunkach podejmiesz wszelkie decyzje. Poczta Kwiatowa® proponuje lilie, gerbery i róże w świetnie skomponowanym, słonecznym bukiecie.
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Bouquet Good Luck

Rozbaw bliskich nietypową i oryginalną aranżacją przygotowaną przez firmę Poczta Kwiatowa®. Wyślij bukiet na szczęście, z którego aż bije pozytywna energia i który uśmiecha się wesoło różnorodnymi barwami.
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The Sweet kiss flowers

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Flowers - 7 roses

Surprise your relatives today and give them an unforgettable experience. Order a bouquet with roses wrapped in gerbera leaves is an unforgettable composition that rubs the trail to every heart, and the face are always has a big and warm smile. Order fl...
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Pink roses in a white box

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Parisian bouquet

The Parisian bouquet are flowers which are on the top of the list of the most frequently ordered at our company. The magical colours of this charming composition will enchant any addressee. Order roses, carnations and oxeye daisies in a colourful paper...
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Only you flowers



Gratitude meets in different situations. Most often it is represented by those formal moments where the boss thanks his employees or students express their gratitude to their beloved teacher. However, it does not close itself only for these "more serious"; moments, because everyone in his or her everyday life is grateful for something. Sometimes it can be big things, like favors or material help, but sometimes tiny things like a smile are enough.However, it is not important whether these moments are more or less important, because each of them should be properly celebrated and emphasized.

Flowers for acknowledgements

Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a wonderful gift, which can become a unique gesture of great importance. These are fresh, colourful and varied flowers for acknowledgements which, composed in original bouquets, are unforgettable expressions of gratitude.

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Delivered on time and good quality. My wife was very happy with these.
17.12.2018 r. Juliet
Thank you so much! Great job!!!
17.11.2018 r. Claude
This bouquet is just stunnig! The flowers look the same like on the picture! Thank You so much!!
17.10.2018 r. Jennifer
Flowers were gorgeous.
17.09.2018 r. Rachel