Birthday present for dad

During dad's birthday we want to give him something that will bring him a lot of joy. It is not an easy task, so reaching for help in such a situation is not a bad thing. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers many different ideas for birthday presents for dad. They will bring surprise and happiness, which are the greatest gift we can give to our parents on their birthday.

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Father's box

Co lubi prawie każdy mężczyzna? Słodycz z nutą wykwintności. Znaleźć takie połączenie to nie lada sztuka. Poczta Kwiatowa® jednak przychodzi z pomocą proponując Skrzynkę Taty. Skrywa ona kunszt wyrobów i cukierniczych i alkoholowych. Ręcznie wyrabiane ...
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Whiskey and coffee

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one that is both exquisite and simple? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a unique Whiskey and coffee set. In a wooden box you will find the perfect Scottish whiskey The Famous Grouse, and in a wooden barrel you will find ar...
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Man gift

Przy Dniu Ojca odwiecznym pytaniem jakie sobie stawiamy to: Jaki prezent będzie iealny dla mężczyzny, dla taty? Odpowiedź jest krótka - Męski prezent. Ta kombinacja przepysznych czekoladek jakimi są praliny Excelcium, Toblerone, gorzka czekolada oraz C...
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A box of Abundance

No idea ahead? Or maybe already something came to your mind with the help of our side? Very good choice! Jam, mousse with berries, walnuts and pralines and Prosecco champagne - can there be something more delicious? Everything placed in an elegant box....
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Cognac A.E. DOR set wi...

Cognac A.E. DOR with Feletti chocolates is an exquisite combination of a noble drink and pralines in an elegant package. This is an original and exclusive gift that will be perfect for official occasion. Poczta Kwiatowa® guarantees delivery of gifts th...
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Connoisseur's gold

Connoisseur's gold - perfect idea if you want to show your respect in extraordinary way! Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same d...
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Pan Tadeusz set

Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same day, as long as they are confirmed over the phone. Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.
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Fun feast box

Zapewnij bliskim udaną zabawę! Twoja smakowita przesyłka wprawi ich w doskonały nastrój. Spraw, aby ciepło wspominali Cię podczas wspólego biesiadowania - wódka Dębowa, brushetta, ogórki konserwowe, kabanosy... przyjaciele b...
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Tea lover basket

Poczta Kwiatowa® presents an amazing composition! A classic deli basket dedicated to tea lovers. The tea drinker basket contains: milk chocolate pretzels, three delicious chocolates, pralines and cranberry cookies - a large selection of tea will satisf...
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Business class set

Two bottles of great Irish whiskey from the oldest licensed distillery in the world - Bushmills Original (also called White Bush) and Bushmills Original Black. As a stylish add - chocolate covered figs. There is also an option with engrave Orders whi...

Father's birthday

There are many occasions dedicated to individual people. Birthday is classic example of such days. Everyone care about them and wants them to be a special time.Sometimes, however, it is not that simple. What can you give to your father's birthday?Poczta Kwiatowa® finds the answer by creating various compositions specially for this occasion.

Birthday presents for dad

Gift baskets filled with high quality ingredients like delicious pralines and chocolates, aromatic coffees and teas, exquisite wine or liqueur is one of many proposals that we can order for our father. With such a simple gesture we will bring great joy and an unforgettable surprise, turning an ordinary birthday into a special day.

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This gift is sooo delicious! Thank U!
17.10.2018 r. Grace
this gift met my expectations
06.07.2018 r. Emma
Delicious milk chocolates from Lindt, this is what my wife like the most
24.06.2018 r. Daniel
It was pure pleasure to make order for your presents
19.06.2018 r. Jeffrey